The Running Triangle of Success

The Running Triangle of Success — is inspired in The PMI Talent Triangle, is a combination of developing the additional skills that every runner needs to achieve in order to meet their ideal performance, together with the Project Management expertise acquired during all my years of Engineering work.

The base of the running is the inner triangle, where in its fundamental stay the nutrition. On the pillars stays, what I called the Engineering, and Physiology. Is an equilateral triangle meaning that every side has the same shape and importance. 

Training & Performance Development.

Let’s put the actual concept into place, when a person wants to start running the first thing they do is buying a pair of sneakers, running shoes, etc. this is “Gear”. Them and after a while they realized they need more and usually they can download any running training app, or buy a magazine, or any web searching where they start looking for a plan, like 10k, Hal-marathon, etc., something that will let them know how to breakdown their weeks and follow some “pre-set” steps or rule to follow, this is “Training”. With no results on their own expectations they probably meet people and decide to start joining some running club, or running with a group of people with the same running interest, this is “Team”…and it is here when they realize that they start backwards.

The Triangle of Success, teaches that we need to start with the inner you, inside-out. You focus on Nutrition, Engineering (Running Techniques) and Physiology (Body Training) to start a good way to run, and it is when is proper to join a running team, to follow a right, tailored, personal running plan, and at the end you can buy any shoes you want, even a carbon plate one.