Triple Texas Marathon May 2024 vs. 2023

This year, I planned to run the same marathon I did last year. So I just started to pace my training for it. The purpose of this blog entry is to record my week per week data analysis comparison from 2023 and 2024 on my training. Aiming to accomplish a sub 3:30:00 (7’58″/mile ~ 4’57″/km).

Last year official result:

6 weeks until event

Current Fitness Level (according to my Coros Pace 3):

Week comparisons:

Some facts:

  • I was running more last year, training load was almost double in comparison with this year.
  • More distance covered per week.
  • More percentage on Easy Runs. However my recovery bpm is lower this year.
  • But just running (7 activities) vs. this year (11 activities) that I’m including; two strength session per week plus cycling (cross training).
  • I took a rest day due my HRV on Thursday: reduced (63ms). Rest of the days between 77 and 80 ms. Week average 77ms.

Long Runs Comparison:

Training Status

VO2 Max: 50

5 weeks until event

Current Fitness Level:

Week comparisons:

Some facts from this week:

  • No higher volume.
  • More focus on quality runs. Series starting the week, with really good performance.
  • Long run, with also good performance.
  • I was better recovered than last week.

Long Runs Comparison:

Training Status:

4 weeks until event

One thing I added, is that I started running my series and my long runs with Nike Vaporfly 3. This are going to be may racing shoes.

I also starting Caffeine Pills 200 mg, 30 min prior to my long runs. Note: caffeine enhances adrenaline secretion [10] and reduces ratings of perceived exertion [11]. Therefore, caffeine is administered in order to improve sport performance (see article).

Current Fitness Level, which has been slightly improving:

Week comparisons:

Some facts from this week:

  • No higher weekly volume, in compare with last year, however my last long was longer and I’ll see how faster.

Long Runs Comparison:

Training Status:

I am more week of loading volume and intensity, I’ll try to sleep more. My HRV summary, Elevated HRV is elevated above your normal range. This typically indicates you are more relaxed (source Coros):

3 weeks until event

Current fitness level, remains the same: 86.1. Remember this is just a Corso value that are based in a logic and calculations but it doesn’t represent a real metric.

Training Status (also Coros): Optimized.

  • Load Impact: 92
  • Base Fitness: 83
  • Intensity Trend: 110%

Based on Coros calculation, my fitness levels are rapidly improving. This is part of the Tapering period.

Week comparisons:

A key factor from this week is my long run, a good milestone accomplished under great testing.

  • 21.25 miles distance.
  • Above race pace.
  • High weather conditions.

I don’t know why, but I don’t see a long run like this from last year.

Training Status:

Based fitness has increased.

One more data that I’m seeing is my Threshold pace increasing as well. This is more the work made on the series at really high intensities than the long runs.

Pacing Training Focus for the past 4 weeks:

Distance Training Focus for the past 4 weeks:

  • There is a lot work done on short distance, and this is under high intensity. Means that the Zone 6 pacing has been covered in short distances.

2 Weeks until event:

I’m feeling good on my run weeks, I feel I had a great first wee of Tapering and getting ready for one more. Small knee pain on the left one, but trying to do a lot of foam roll.

Fitness level remains the same 86.1 and my Marathon time estimator is; 3:25:16.

I’m also looking for more sleep quality, I’ve got some Vicks ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs Sleep + Next Day Energy Melatonin Tablets, B Vitamins, Dietary Supplement and I added more B12 in the mornings.

I’m also going to change my nutrition a little with less salad and more power meals / bowls.

Week comparisons:

Long run from this week:

And from last year:

Training Status

I’m keeping my base fitness but lowering my load impact.

1 Week until event

This week volumen (tapering) was low to get full recovery for the marathon effort. I’m focusing on my intake and start doing my carbo loading 4 days before the race.

My current body composition:

Race Results